The 14 Days of Fortnite continues with new challenges, free rewards and new limited-time modes each and every day in one of the biggest holiday events this game has seen yet.

Today’s challenge tasks players with dancing in front of Holiday Trees which you can find sprinkled about the map. Visiting Holiday Trees (or Christmas Trees) comes with additional benefits as well, as most of these trees are either surrounded by loot or treasure chests.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find all the Holiday Trees you need to complete the challenge, as well as the reward you’ll get for completing it.

Let’s start with a map. There are probably more Christmas Trees dotted across Fortnite’s sprawling map, but this should be plenty to complete the challenge.

The Christmas Trees in the above map can be found in . . . .

Paradise Palms on the deck of the main skyscraper:

Fatal Fields between the two barns just north of the silos:

Happy Hamlet in the southeastern corner of town:

Viking Village on the bow of the viking longboat:

Dusty Diner right outside the diner:

Lucky Landing at the main entrance to town:

Lonely Lodge right outside the main lodge:

Frosty Flights just between the two hangars:

Pleasant Park in the northwestern corner of town:

Tilted Towers in the basketball court:

Retail Row in the parking lot by the shops:

Greasy Grove in the sunken building at the center of the ice lake (break through the roof to get there):

Lazy Links toward the south side of town near the tennis courts.

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