A Player Breaks World Record by Completing All GTA V Missions in 10 Hours

ToriksLV, the master player, completed all GTA V missions in 10 hours and 15 minutes and Speedrun managed to break the world record. ToriksLV improved SpeedRun record for 9 minutes.

Today, though battle royal and shooter games are popular, story-focused games always have a place in the game world. However, for players who have reached the level of mastery, it can be too simple to finish tasks in a story-focused game. For this reason, veteran players compete with each other to finish story-focused games as quickly as possible.

In the event called SpeedRun, the players who have reached the level of mastery as I mentioned above try to complete all tasks belonging to the game in the fastest way in order to show some more excitement to the games and to show everyone that they are ‘master’. The players who succeeded in finishing the games at the fastest pace are on the summit of Speedrun.com.

ToriksLV had a world record test for the GTA V, which has not lost its popularity, although it has been 5 years since its publication. The intention of ToriksLV is to be at the summit as a new world record holder on the SpeedRun list, finishing all the tasks in GTA V below the world record time of 10 hours and 24 minutes.

ToriksLV, who hardly pulled his hands from the forward button, succeeded in completing the SpeedRun world record by 9 minutes and all tasks in GTA V in 10 hours and 15 minutes. You can watch SpeedRun world record of ToriksLV on the video below. ToriksLV’s voice in the last half hour of the video shows how tired and excited the player is.

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