AMD says its new chips are on schedule, good news for PS5 and Xbox Series X

AMD has delivered a heartening update on the availability of the components it’s supplying to next-generation consoles from across both aisles, confirming that the chips are on schedule at present.

The chipmaker is providing processors for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, so any news of delays would have been a bit of a kick in the teeth for those consoles’ release plans.

As it is, that means that any delays the consoles might encounter sound like they won’t be precipitated by AMD. In fact, the company also confirmed that its PC-centric consumer releases are also looking good at the moment.

These announcements came in the process of AMD’s Q2 earnings call, updates delivered by its CEO Lisa Su, are good news for PC and console players alike.

New 7nm processors taking advantage of Zen 3 architecture are also slated to release as planned, along with its wave of RDNA 2 graphics cards. That means anyone planning a big upgrade around these bits of hardware can continue to anticipate them eagerly.

Of course, the processor market is a competitive one, and this all comes in the context of Intel failing to avoid delays to its own 7nm chips, lagging behind its peers.

Su confirmed that the ongoing global health situation obviously means there is a degree of uncertainty around how things will unfold going forward, but it’s good to hear that the circumstances thus far haven’t resulted in drastic delays.

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