Apex Legends devs address Ranked duos queue potential

Apex Legends does have a ranked queue, but it only serves those wanting to play in a trio. While there is a normal game mode for duos, Respawn has stated a ranked queue for twos will be unlikely.

When Respawn added ranked to Apex Legends in Season 2, there was only the one squad size ⁠— trios. It’s the way Respawn intended Apex Legends to be played.

However, after adding Duos to the game in April 2020, there was hope Respawn may give the smaller squads their own ranked queue.

However, almost a year on, and there’s nothing of the sort in the pipeline. Despite some soft cries from the community, Respawn haven’t even hinted at Ranked duos queue’s potential.

Apex Legends players shouldn’t hold their breath either. With Season 8 now underway, Respawn’s stance on Ranked duos isn’t changing. They have no intention of adding the queue.

When it comes down to it, it’s purely because Apex isn’t designed for duos. It’s designed for trios, and Respawn doesn’t want to have to balance two different games in one.

“When it comes to the competitive nature of Apex we are first and foremost a three legend squad game. The bulk of balancing is and will always be done with this game mode in mind,” developer Eric Canavese told players on Reddit.

“To have a true and competitive duos mode that is missing a third of a squad that the game is designed and balanced around can lead to an ultimately unstable experience at various levels of play, and making those concessions…isn’t something we’re willing to do.”

Features like “No Fill,” which is being added later in Season 8, can give players the same sort of feel. However, a pure Ranked duos queue isn’t even on Respawn’s horizon.

Things may change over time, but much like their adamant stance against solos, it looks like Ranked duos may never eventuate.

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