Apex Legends is finally getting in-game damage tracker in early Season 8

The wait is over… Respawn is finally on the verge of adding an in-game Apex Legends damage tracker one of the battle royale’s most requested features  as soon as “early Season 8,” the devs confirmed on Dec. 30.

A way to track damage in the middle of any given game has been one of the most requested Apex Legends features since Respawn first dropped the battle royale back in 2019.

Fans have been fairly vocal about their desires too ⁠— all the way back in October 2019, players were demanding the Apex Legends developers get to work. Respawn has reportedly been hard at work on the feature since mid-2020.

“It’s on a list!” McCord confirmed back in early October.

Now, that wait is finally over; according to the Apex Legends design director, the heavily requested feature should be added to the game as soon as “early Season 8.”

“If you can wait like… one more week,” McCord originally tweeted in response to a player asking how far away the Apex Legends feature was. The dev soon updated that prediction though, revealing it “didn’t make the cutoff for this patch.”

“I spoke too soon,” he replied soon after. “It should be in early Season 8.”

Respawn has yet to unveil exactly how the in-game tracker will work, or what it would look like on the Apex Legends player HUD, but we can imagine it would be quite simple.

Considering the popular battle royale already tracks every point of damage dished out by Apex Legends players across the game, and presents them at the end of the match, it’ll likely just be a matter of slapping that on-screen in-game as well.

Other similar titles, like Blizzard’s Overwatch, don’t show in-game damage on-screen in competitive matches. Instead, the stats can be found in the character select menu. Apex Legends may follow suit, adding it to the inventory page.

As for when the feature will officially arrive, Respawn has only given us a vague date to go off for now: “early Season 8.” The best bet on that front, then, is the second patch update of the year.

The battle royale’s eighth season is set to begin in early Feb. 2021.

That seasonal swap over ⁠— currently penciled in for Thursday, Feb. 4 to celebrate Apex’s two-year anniversary ⁠— will come with a huge Season 8 update; expect the long-awaited arrival of the in-game tracker to come bundled in that patch.

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