Apex Legends Leak Possibly Shows Off Fuse’s Ultimate Ability for Season 8

Apex Legends leakers recently revealed a new legend Fuse expected to arrive in Season 8, and now they’ve also leaked his ultimate ability.

Fuse, the explosives expert, has not technically been confirmed as the new legend, but the evidence overwhelmingly points that way. Along with this new leak, the official Apex Legends social media accounts teased “new blood” coming in Season 8.

Just like last week’s leak, it was data miner and Twitter user @someonewholeaks that unveiled Fuse’s ultimate ability. The ability appears to call down an undetonated explosive that takes about 55 damage to set off. Once set off, it damages anyone close to it and creates a ring of fire that gives lingering burn damage on all those who pass through or make contact with the flames. Someonewholeaks claims that the initial explosion will do 70 damage while the fire will do 60 damage over a small period of time. This ability is speculated to be called a “firebomb.”

Given the current battle pass ends on Feb. 1, Season 8 can be expected to drop shortly after. Aside from Fuse, Season 8 is expected to bring nerfs to Horizon, the legend introduced in Season 7, as well as finally introduce ranked solos to the playlist.

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