Apex Legends leaks reveal new ‘Dragon’ light LMG coming soon

A powerful new Light Machine Gun in Apex Legends has slipped through the cracks, with recent leaks uncovering the ‘Dragon,’ a first of its kind LMG that utilizes Light Ammo.

Throughout the first two years of Apex Legends, we’ve seen just three unique LMGs in rotation. Now, a fourth could finally be on the way for Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale.

Prominent leaker ‘Biast12’ unveiled a handful of new weapons in an April 11 tweet. Standing out from the pack was the “Dragon,” a brand new LMG unlike anything else in the category. While an accompanying image showed the potential model for the future release, one key detail stole the spotlight.

Should this leaked weapon make it into the live version of Apex Legends, it’ll be the first LMG to use Light Rounds.

As it currently stands, there are just six weapons among the 22 in Apex that rely on this type of ammunition. None of them are LMGs. Instead, these bulkier weapons have always fed off Heavy Rounds or Energy Ammo.

The Dragon could be the first to buck that trend, according to Biast12. Utilizing Light Rounds, this implies the LMG would come with a lightning-fast fire rate to fit the bill.

Light ammunition is rapidly chewed through by SMGs, ARs, and Pistols. There’s no reason to believe an LMG of this variety would function any differently.

Beyond the distinct ammo type, details remain scarce for the new weapon. There’s no telling just how powerful it might be, what the recoil may look like, or where you’ll be able to find it.

The new in-game model itself looks rather lightweight compared to the heftier LMG designs we’ve seen thus far.

Obviously, it’s always worth taking leaks with a grain of salt. While there is a unique model for the gun already, there’s no guarantee it’ll see the light of day. Plenty of content in development can be held back or outright scrapped for various reasons.

With that in mind, there’s no telling when the Dragon might make its way to Apex Legends. It could be a hot arrival in the upcoming Season 9 update, or it could be months away. We’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have in store.

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