Apex Legends’ New Event “Fight Night”

Apex Legends Season 7 rung in the New Year with their newest event that adds unique modes and loot to collect. Apex’s latest event is called Fight Night Collection Event which has boxing-themed twists to the matches in the game and fixes bugs in the game as well. The event went live on January 5, 10am PT. Apex Legends is available across multiple platforms: PS4|5, Xbox One|Series, and Microsoft.

The Fight Night Collection Event went live at 10am PT on January 5 and included a bunch of fun events. Apex is introducing a temporary game-type called the “Airdrop Escalation Takeover.” Limited-Time Modes, or LTM, will be a takeover of the normal Play Apex game mode as opposed to being its own playlist as EA used to release them. The special aspect of this LTM is a huge influx of supply drops across the map.

The Pathfinder Town Takeover is drastically different as players will be fighting brawl style. Once players enter the ring, they will not be able to use any of their weapons or abilities. However, players will be protected by a forcefield from any bystanders who try to throw grenades’ at the brawlers.

Apex also sent “balance tweaks” in a patch on the same day of launch to optimize the enjoyment for players. In addition to the new takedown events, Apex also added 24 themed and limited-time cosmetics as well. To obtain these, the items will be available via direct purchase, Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, during the duration of the event. The packs include one event item and two non-even items. To celebrate obtaining all the event items, players will give the Gilbraltar Heirloom.

For a full detailed list on the updates and patches for Fight Night, they are listed on the Apex Legends News. Fight Night went live January 5 during Season 7 of Apex Legends.

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