Apex Legends upcoming characters and weapons unearthed by dataminers

Apex Legends is the hot new battle royale on the block, and it’s off to a good start, but to compete with similar titles like Fortnite, it’ll need a steady stream of new content to keep players on the hook. Now, thanks to the efforts of dataminers, we have an idea of what the upcoming Apex Legends characters and weapons will be.

Dataminers going through the Apex Legends source code have discovered references to what appear to be characters named Octane and Wattson, and weapons called Havoc Rifle and L-Star EMG.

New legends based on speed, electricity

Octane has an ability named Stim Pack, which may be similar to Titanfall 2’s Stim – a temporary boost to speed, reload time, and health regeneration. If Octane’s Stim Pack could also be used on teammates, he could have an important role as a buffer in squad activity.

The other, Wattson reportedly has an ability named Tesla Trap, which is likely deals some kind of electric damage to enemies. Currently Caustic is the only hero in Apex Legends who can use traps, so if you’re a trap fan who can’t quite get down with Caustic as a character, Wattson may end up being your favorite.

Energy weapons galore

When it comes to weapons, Rez.gg also discovered two new weapons in Apex Legends code including some of their stats.

  • Havoc Rifle: an energy rifle with base ammo capacity of 25 energy bullets that deals 18 damage on body hits and 36 damage for headshots.
  • L-Star EMG: an energy machine gun, holding 60 bullets per clip, dealing 21 damage on body hits and 45 damage for headshots.

Of course, information gained through data mining is not official, and even content that is planned for in the game code may not actually arrive, or be subject to change. But it does provide a tantalizing glimpse of things to come. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Respawn to see what Octane and Wattson actually mean.

Dataminers have also previously discovered code in Apex Legends indicating that the game will soon support solo or duo play. It remains to be see whether all the new modes and features indicated will be part of a big update or boled out piecemeal over the long term.

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