Apex Legends’ Weapon Tier List February 2021

What’s the tiers list for weapons in Apex Legends? Apex Legends has a multitude of weapons to offer players, from submachine guns to sniper rifles to shotguns, but each season there are some guns that seem to rise to the top of the meta. With Season 8 of Apex Legends on the horizon, let’s take a look at the current tier list for the guns in the game.

Tier of it’s Own – Peacekeeper, Kraber, Prowler

The Kraber hits like a truck | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

These guns are an interesting case. They’re all undeniably powerful yet they can only be acquired through care packages. In other words, you won’t find these spawning on the ground, you’ll have to hunt them down. Any of these guns are a must-have if you enjoy their archetypes. The Peacekeeper is the most lethal shotgun in the game, especially with its precision choke, the Kraber is the hardest hitting sniper in the game, being able to down opponents with one headshot, and the Prowler comes with an extremely high magazine for a sub machine gun, and can shred an enemy in seconds. Still, because they can’t be found through normal means, we can’t group them with the rest of the loot in Apex.

S Tier – Devotion, R-99,

If you can find a Turbocharger Hop-Up, the Devotion could very well be the best gun in the game | Photo courtesy of Riot Games

These two guns are among the best of the best of the regular loot. The R-99 is a submachine gun that was once the most powerful gun in the meta. Although it was slightly nerfed, it’s still an amazing choice that both new and veteran players can use effectively. The Devotion recently returned after its stint as a care package weapon. A Light Machine Gun, this gun has incredible range and power. Its only major downside is that it takes a while to spin up, but if it’s paired with a Turbocharger Hop-Up, it has a strong case as the strongest gun in the game.

A Tier – Volt, VK-47 Flatline, G7 Scout, Wingman, R-301 Carbine, Mastiff

The VK-47 Flatline isn’t the flashiest, but it’s very consistent | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertianment

The Volt SMG is a great backup choice if you can’t get your hands on a R-99. Meanwhile, the VK-47 Flatline, while not the greatest at anything, is remarkably consistent and just a good, solid choice. The G7 Scout, while weak at close ranges, can tear through enemies in mid or long-range engagements. If paired with the Double Tap Hop-Up, it’s even more lethal. The Wingman is a tricky gun, as it is not beginner friendly in the slightest. But if you can hit your headshots, especially if you have a Skullpiercer attached, it can kill almost any player in just two shots. The R-301 was B-Tier for Season 7, but with news of the Anvil Receiver Hop-Up returning, the extra boost in damage it can potentially have moves it up a tier. As for the Mastiff shotgun, its damage output can be inconsistent, but if all the pellets land it can pack a major punch.

B Tier – Hemlock, Eva-8, Charge Rifle, Longbow

The Charge Rifle is arguably the most unique gun in the game | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

All these guns aren’t as versatile as the ones above them, but can still be dangerous if used properly. The Hemlock is an interesting weapon that can be burst fired or single fired. It was a favorable choice a couple of seasons ago, but Season 7 brought a recoil nerf. Eva-8 is a complicated weapon. it’d normally be C tier, as it’s a mediocre shotgun in general, but if equipped with a Double Tap Hop-Up, it becomes a killing machine that arguably surpasses the Mastiff in close range encounters. While the Sniper Rifle meta isn’t in a great place, both the Charge Rifle and Longbow can be exceptions.

C Tier – Havoc, Spitfire, L-Star Triple Take, Sentinel, Alternator, RE-45

The Alternator is a perfectly fine gun to start off a game, but you’ll want to look for an upgrade down the road. | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Havoc is one of the most volatile guns in Apex Legends’ history. It feels like every season there’s a new nerf of buff. Right now, it’s not in a great place. Even if a Turbocharger is attached to fix its rate of fire problems, its recoil is ghastly. The two LMGs Spitfire, and L-Star, also have interesting stories. They used to both be one of the strongest guns in the game during its early days. Now, they’re middling guns that are decent in close to mid-range engagements, but both are outclassed significantly by Devotion. Triple Take and Sentinel are both snipers that are middling. The Triple Take has a spread fire that feels like it takes away the punch a sniper is supposed to have, while the Sentinel only becomes decent if it consumes shield cells to buff the gun. Alternator and RE-45 are both fine early game guns, but they can’t compete in the endgame of a match.

F Tier – P220, Mozambique

The Mozambique is no longer worse than just using your fists, but it’s still pretty bad | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Don’t use these guns unless there’s no other choice. Seriously.

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