Apex Legends will launch a limited time solo mode next week

Announced yesterday on Twitter, Apex Legends will host a new solo mode next week titled, ‘The Iron Crown Collection Event.’

The standard fare for Apex Legends is to jump out of the ship in a leap of faith, which is quite literal when it comes to your randomly assigned teammates. They will either be decent enough and keep all three of you alive as best they can, or peel off as soon as the little button is available to them, then ping incessantly for help when they become easy prey to other trios. Like I said, a leap of faith.

This mode, beginning August 13 and ending on August 27, will take away this roll of the dice, and players will rely only on their skills and luck in the ring to survive and be crowned the solo champion. There are no details on whether gameplay will change for solos, so get ready to duke it out against 59 other players.

In an earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson teased that forthcoming update would include ‘one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex’; it’s safe to say that this is that very feature, especially as solo mode is standard across all other battle royale games out there. And who knows, maybe Colm’s quest for a crown will fare better as a lone ranger in Kings Canyon.

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