Avengers A-Day will have Paid Skins, no Lootboxes

Avengers: A-Day may well turn out to be the Avengers game we’ve all been waiting for, but a fair few questions remain unanswered following the title’s bombastic reveal. For example, up until now, we haven’t had an idea of how the monetisation will work!

Thankfully, Avengers A-Day lootboxes will not be a thing, according to Crystal Dynamics’ lead designer Philippe Therien and senior producer Rose Hunt, who spoke about the game in a recent interview.

When Eurogamer staff asked Therian and Hunt what they could share in regard to the game’s post-launch monetisation mechanics, they had a political, albeit fairly revealing thing to say: “We can say that yes, you will be able to customise your hero with different skins and outfits, but these will never have any gameplay effect. You’ll never have a situation where you pay to play.”

Furthermore, Therian also provided a conclusive answer to what we’ve all been worried about: “Yeah we’re not doing loot boxes either.”

According to the developers, it matters to them that players “can always play with (their) friends and jump in any time.”, which is pretty admirable, and also very sensible. While A-Day will be a pay-to-play title, all post-launch heroes and regions (of which there is apparently a fair few planned) will be available at no additional charge.

Therian did say, however, that they will “talk about other things later,” which suggests there may be other stuff planned to supplant the skin purchases and whatnot. Time will tell!

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