Blizzard files lawsuit over “brazen” World of Warcraft imitator

Much of the World of Warcraft team might be focused on WoW Classic, but some of Blizzard’s other staff have their hands full elsewhere. Earlier this month, the company filed a lawsuit alleging that a free-to-play Chinese game is “almost entirely copied from the Warcraft games and related products.”

In the lawsuit, which was filed on August 16 (via Polygon), Blizzard says that it “seeks to put a stop to, and obtain redress for, the massive infringement of Blizzard’s unique and valuable intellectual property in Defendants’ mobile and web-based game titled ‘Glorious Saga’.”

The developer goes on to say that Glorious Saga, developed by Sina Games, “did not just copy a few discrete elements from Blizzard’s Warcraft games,” but describes the copyright infringement as “willful, deliberate, and brazen.” According to Blizzard, Glorious Saga copied everything from characters, to weapons, to monsters, and even sound effects. Particularly notable is the fact that Glorious Saga appears to have lifted important character names from WoW, with Jaina Proudmoore, Gul’dan, and Malfurion all appearing.

Blizzard goes on to say that it’s seeking a court order to stop the infringement, and is also seeking significant damages – the developer is asking for “$150,000 per infringed work.” To back that up, Blizzard says that Sina Games’ actions have caused “serious and irreparable harm,” and that the Chinese developer has “profited handsomely from their infringement, attracting thousands of consumers […] through the use of Blizzard’s intellectual property.”

Although its developers are based in China, Glorious Saga is available elsewhere in the world, and can be downloaded in the US under the name Glorious World. Its entry on the Google Play store describes it as a “real time strategy game for building an empire.”

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