Blizzard’s App Update Lets You Have a Global Friends List Across Regions

The app got an update this week that should prove to be a pretty nice quality-of-life improvement for players who have friends across different regions. Spotted by the folks over at Wowhead, this latest update merges all your friends from different regions into one global friends list.

Prior to the update, you would have to manually switch regions on the app to see your friends list from other regions.

Here’s the update note: is a place for players to engage with their games and connect with each other. Now, we’re taking those connections global!

  • Starting June 8, 2021, your friends in Europe, Americas, and Asia will be merged into a global friends list.
  • You can chat, create groups, and see what your friends are playing–all in one place.

The app is available for download now on PC, and your friends list will also display the regions for each of your friends, next to the games they’re currently playing/

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