CD Projekt is recruiting for work on a third person RPG

One interesting job listing revealed a little bit about the future plans for CD Projekt, giving some Cyberpunk 2077 fans hope which may end up hollow.

Cyberpunk 2077 was originally planned to be a game that could be played in both first and third person perspective but as the time went on, CDPR decided to cut the TPP part out entirely. It is only one in the long list of features that didn’t make it to the final game, which left the fans disappointed in what they eventually got.

Those who wished to play in third person found some hope after a job listing revealed CDPR folks are looking for a camera programmer who is experienced in working with real-time games in third person.

The posting itself doesn’t reveal much so some fans decided to stay cautious instead of giving in to the initial thoughts’ hype. That may be the right way to approach the information in the end as CDPR already announced they would be working on an RPG project other than CP2077.

For now, we know that they intend to do some bug fixing and it remains to be seen if any of the goodies the fans yearn for will be added in the paid expansions which are also on the way at some point in the future.

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