Chivalry 2: How to preload on PS4, PC and Xbox One

Chivalry 2 comes out in a couple of days and a launch trailer has dropped ahead of its release. Lots of people are excited to get involved in the medieval warfare, and here you’ll discover how to preload Chivalry 2 on PS4, PC via the Epic Games Store, and Xbox One.

There’s been many betas for the game ahead of its launch including closed and cross platform, but the final open beta has now finished. Although many people wish they could continue playing right now, the good news is that the game’s full launch is imminent.

Below you’ll discover how to preload Chivalry 2 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

You will need to pre-order Chivalry 2 to preload.

Those who pre-order the Chivalry 2 Standard Edition for £34.99 will get the Royal Zweihänder exclusive item. This is a weapon that is said to be useful when surrounded by enemies.

Meanwhile, there is also a Deluxe version available for £44.99, and it comes with the following extra goodies:

  • Jousting Knight Armor
  • Royal Broadsword
  • Gold Horseman’s Axe
  • Roses Novelty Item
  • 1000 Crowns + 5000 Gold

All of the above comes via the PSN store.

You will be able to preload Chivalry 2 on PC via the Epic Games Store on June 8th at 07:30 PT, 10:30 T, and 15:30 BST.

As for PS4 and Xbox One, you can now preload Chivalry 2 provided you have pre-ordered either edition of the game.

The title is only available on the Epic Games Store for PC thanks to a one year exclusivity deal.

In regard to file size, the game’s minimum and recommended system requirements suggest 20 GB.

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