Doodle Jump 2 Releases to IOS

The hit Mobile game Doodle Jump, which would have players jump up multiple platforms in order to achieve a new height, has received a sequel in the name of Doodle Jump 2. Fans of the original should be overjoyed at the release of the game as it will give them more challenges and content than the original.

Doodle Jump 2 will see the addition of new content in the form of new worlds, characters, and adventures. With so much content to explore and collect, who wouldn’t want to try out all the new Doodle Jump Game has to offer. Doodle Jump 2 will also allow for leaderboards, allowing players to challenge and race their friends to newer and higher scores.

Players will be able to unlock all this new content by playing in-game and collecting stars to procure these items. With the addition of each new world, players will have to account for the new dangers that will stand in their way of traversing those new heights. Some names of these new worlds will include: Desert World, Aviator World, Space World, and many more. Players will be able to master all of the new worlds and find out which one they prefer the most and once you find your favorite, try and reach that never before seen height; just watch out below and above?!

Fans of the original will find the same enjoyment and tension as the first game with all new added benefits. With its new sequel, Doodle Jump will also allow for the attention of a newer and broader audience. With fun gameplay and great soundtrack, everyone will be wanting to jump into Doodle Jump 2. Those interested in playing the game will be able to find it on the IOS’s App Store. Don’t wait, start your love for Doodle Jump today.

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