Dragon Ball FighterZ adds pervert turtle hermit Master Roshi to its roster

Dragon Ball FighterZ is still going strong in the fighting game scene, and after having introduced an army of Gokus to the roster since it was released in 2018, the game is now ready to offer some class to its mix. Old as heck. More perverted than a manga artist looking for inspiration in an Octopus farm. Able to rock sunglasses and the dragon. Muten Roshi!

The original powerhouse of Dragon Ball who taught Goku his signature arsenal of attacks, Roshi is entering the battlefield as part of the Season 3 offerings for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The trailer below is short on actual gameplay, but it looks like the scrawny turtle hermit is still a deadly veteran who can seal foes away with his trademark Evil Containment Wave technique:

More details will arrive ahead of Roshi’s September release, which probably includes a look at how he’s powered up when he’s in the presence of pornography. Probably, do not leave this dude alone around anyone.

In other Dragon Ball FighterZ news, this year’s collection of remaining tournaments for all of Bandai Namco’s fighting games have obviously been cancelled. “Out of an abundance of care and caution for the health and safety of tournament participants and staff, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. has made the difficult decision to cancel official support for all remaining physical tournament events in the 2020 season for the TEKKEN, SOULCALIBUR, and DRAGON BALL FighterZ World Tours respectively,” the company said in a press release.

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