Epic Games Store Free Games List Has Leaked

Epic Games Store had an uphill battle to get players onto the client and purchasing their video game titles. Outside of being a hub for Fortnite, Epic Games needed more of an edge to sway consumers away from Steam and onto the Epic Games Store marketplace. They did this through a few different ways such as gathering exclusive deals on upcoming PC releases. This didn’t go over too well with some players as they had to wait an additional year to get a copy of the game on Steam. However, one method that proved to be a success and gathered consumers onto the digital client was by offering free video game titles.

The Epic Games Store has offered at least one free game each week. They can be anything from indie hits to past AAA releases. Best of all, the games were free to keep forever. All a user had to do was create a free account on the Epic Games Store and simply claim the free game when they are revealed. From there, you are given access to the free game whenever you’d like instead of being a free game that you could enjoy for a particular time frame. As a result, there are plenty of active users that are jumping online to enjoy the free video game titles.

However, Epic Games has started to hide the upcoming free game. Instead, going forward it seems that the free games will be a surprise reveal each week, giving players a further incentive in jumping on the Epic Games Store each week to see what game they will be able to claim next. This latest reveal was quite the heavy hitter. This past week, Epic Games Store offered players a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V. While the game has been around for several years, there has been plenty of players claiming copies. In fact, there were so many users trying to secure their free video game title that it crashed the servers.

Now a new leaked list is circulating online showcasing the next three weeks for the Epic Games Store. If this list proves to be true then we will see Civilization VI come out, followed by Borderlands The Handsome Collection, and lastly Ark: Survival Evolved. We’re not sure if these games are legit, but this Thursday we should get a confirmation on the legitimacy of these titles.

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