Fallout 76 Decontamination Shower Plans Location

Radiation can often foil your plans in Fallout 76 which is why hunting for Decontamination Shower Plans can prove to be a good idea. However, they’re not all that easy to obtain.

Here’s how you can get your hands on Decontamination Shower Plans in Fallout 76 and have a reliable way of clearing out radiation in your C.A.M.P.

The main reason why Decontamination Shower Plans are rather hard to come by is the fact that they’re tied to what’s arguably Fallout 76’s endgame content.

From what we can tell, they only drop from the Scorchbeast Queen in the repeatable Scorched Earth event quest. It can be summoned by dropping a nuclear missile on Fissure Site Prime. Needless to say, defeating the Scorchbeast Queen isn’t the easiest of tasks. You’ll likely want some friends to tag along as well.

Once you’ve obtained the Decontamination Shower Plans, you can craft the Decontamination Shower at a Settlement Workbench. You’ll need the following components: 6 Ultracite, 8 Aluminum, 15 Circuitry, 9 Fiber Optics, 5 Pure Cobalt Flux, 7 Pure Fluorescent Flux, 2 Pure Violet Flux, 3 Pure Crimson Flux and 7 Pure Yellowcake Flux.

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