Fortnite Adds Marvel Superheros + Operation Snowdown for the Holidays

Fortnite released a new Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack on December 21. Captain Marvel, Taskmaster, and Black Panther are the latest to join the Fortnite crew. Fortnite is also currently hosting a festive event called Operation Showdown that is live until January 5. The popular battle royale has also announced new LTM and skins as well.

The Black Panther warrior includes Black Panther outfit with kinetically charged style, vibranium daggers dual pickaxe, Wakandan skyrider glider, and King Cowl’s back bling with kinetically charged variant style. Fortnite also released the Wakandan Salute emote for free to players who complete the all-new Wakanda Forever Challenges that end on January 12 7PM ET.

Also in the pack, was Captain Marvel and Taskmaster. Captain Marvel outfit has an empowered variant style with an alpha staff pickaxe, power of Mar-Vell glider, and Kree backplate back blind with empowered style. The Taskmaster warrior comes with less than Captain Marvel and Black Panther. He only includes the basic Taskmaster outfit, mimic shield back bling, and Copycat’s sword pickaxe.

Fortnite also recently announced their Operation Snowdown event which ends in January. Players must complete Snowmando’s Quests for free outfits, the new snowy scenery, and the new LTMs. Some of the rewards for completing the missions are perfectly-wrapped Shield Surprise back bling, the snow glode-topped Frosty Globes pickaxe, and more. For those who complete nine of the events quest, they will be able to unlock the Snowmando outfit. If a player wants to complete 12, they will receive the winter-inspired Frost Squad outfit. These two outfits are free after completing the quests.

Fortnite has already lined up a character for the Fortnite Crew pack, Green Arrow will join the Crew January’s Pack for those participating in the new Fortnite Crew feature.

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