Fortnite containers with windows: Where to search chests inside containers with windows

All the Fortnite containers with windows locations to search in order to complete the challenge as part of the Spray n Pray mission

One of the challenges this week involves searching chests inside containers with windows, so if you’re wondering where to find Fortnite containers with windows, you’ve come to the right place. This is part of the Fortnite Spray and Pray mission, which is essentially the name of the new look Fortnite week two challenges for Fortnite Season 10, and as you’d expect by the name, everything is about graffiti. This challenge is no different, because each of the Fortnite containers with windows isn’t a real window; it’s simply graffiti sprayed on. Here are all of the Fortnite containers with windows locations we’ve found to complete the challenge.

Fortnite containers with windows locations

As you can see on the map above, we’ve found seven Fortnite containers with windows, and you only need five to complete the challenge. Since everyone else is going to be tackling this challenge though, you’ll probably only get the chests inside one or two, so it’ll take a few games to complete. If you land directly at them you should be able to get at least one without any problems though. Here’s all of the locations in detail:

Volcano stream

Halfway down the volcano near the Pressure Plant is where you can find two Fortnite containers with windows. You can see them both in the image above; the first is on the upper section, then drop down for another one. Search both chests to tick two containers off the list.

Dusty Depot & Factories

Slightly south from Dusty Depot is where you can find two more. The first is the very top container on the stack on top of the flatbed truck, while the second is further along inside the factories. Head into the first one on your right, and at the back is a container you can enter with a window on the side and another chest.

Snowy warehouses

Down in the snowy region of the map, there’s another two to be found amongst the warehouses with the nightclub at the top. One isn’t actually a container; it’s an overturned truck by the heap of snow near the entrance to the nightclub, while the second is at the back of the southernmost warehouse, inside the main room.


The final container with a window we’ve found is in the south-east corner of the map, inside the small scrapyard south of Paradise Palms. This one is sneaky; there’s a spray painted window on a red container by the garage door, but it’s slightly hidden by a dumpster. The container behind that one has a chest inside, and there’s another window spray painted inside.

There’s seven Fortnite containers with windows for you to check out, so you can complete the challenge over a few games. Good luck!

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