Fortnite Leaderboard for Hearts Wild Cup Explained

The Fortnite Leaderboard for the Hearts Wild Cup is now live as a part of the game’s Valentine’s Day update. The Hearts Wild Cup is a new tournament event to Fortnite that is free to enter. Players competing in the tournament earn their spot on the Leaderboard to earn premium cosmetics.

Fortnite Leaderboard for Hearts Wild Cup Explained

The Hearts Wild Cup is a tournament series with a unique format. Players compete in duos and must play ten matches in a row in three hours. Based on each duo’s performance after ten matches, they will be placed on the leaderboard.

Duos will be assessed on a point system based on the results of their ten consecutive matches. All duo matches will have up to 50 teams competing. Here is how the point system works:

  • 1st: 42 points
  • 2nd: 36 points
  • 3rd: 32 points
  • 4th: 30 points
  • 5th: 29 points
  • 6th: 28 points
  • 7th: 27 points
  • 8th: 26 points
  • 9th: 25 points
  • 10th: 24 points
  • 11th: 23 points
  • 12th: 22 points
  • 13th: 21 points
  • 14th: 20 points
  • 15th: 19 points
  • 16th: 18 points
  • 17th: 17 points
  • 18th: 16 points
  • 19th: 15 points
  • 20th: 14 points
  • 21st: 13 points
  • 22nd: 12 points
  • 23rd: 11 points
  • 24th: 10 points
  • 25th-29th: 9 points
  • 30th-34th: 6 points
  • 35th-39th: 3 points
  • 40th-44th: 2 points
  • 45th-50th: 1 point

The Hearts Wild Cup is broken into seven regions with their own Leaderboards. These regions are NA East, NA West, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Middle-East, and Brazil. This grants more players the ability to finish at the top of their Leaderboard and earn their rewards.

The Fortnite Hearts Wild Cup is currently ongoing. The live Leaderboard standings can be viewed here.

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