Fortnite reportedly set to copy popular Minecraft feature in Season 5

Fortnite’s NPCs introduced in Season 5 have been a blast, and they might be getting even better after a leaker hinted at some upcoming NPC features similar to those available from villagers in Minecraft.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 introduced plenty of new content, from new skins and map changes to different crossovers. However, the addition of NPCs has been one of the most impressive changes.

As it stands, NPCs are tied into an elaborate quest system where players can earn Gold Bars and trade them in for weapon unlocks and upgrades. They can even use them to hire NPCs to become their bodyguards.

It’s not a perfect system, and it needs a bit of work, but it seems like Epic Games is already on the case. There’s plenty of tweaks and changes still to come.

And, according to a popular leaker, they’ll be adding some extra NPC services similar to those available from villagers in Minecraft.

HypeX, who is known for leaking many bits and pieces throughout the years, dropped the hints on Twitter. He mentioned two new features; the NPCs will be able to buy loot from players, and they’ll be able to call down Supply Drops for 600 Gold.

The idea of selling unwanted items like Legendary Pistols in exchange for Gold Bars is fantastic. It means Fortnite players have more ways to raise their funds and even get into the habit of hunting and selling rare items.

The ability to call down a Supply Drop would be handy, too, especially in dire situations. 600 Gold Bars is a pretty steep price, but the loot could pull you out of a pinch. Plus, if you’re able to sell items, you’ll get them back in no time.

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive proof that these features are coming anytime soon. However, HypeX is almost always on the ball, and if he says it could happen, then it’s certainly a possibility.

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