GameStop New Promotion Gives Paid Subscribers Priority To Buy PS5

Despite it already being difficult to acquire a next-gen console, GameStop recently introduced a new promotion that further adds to the supply issue. For its latest replenishment of Sony PlayStation 5 units, the retailer decided to let its paid subscribers cut the queue.

PowerUp Rewards members received an email to inform them that they would have first dibs on a limited restock of the PS5 and PC graphics cards at GameStop. “To show our appreciation we’re opening Early Online Access for Pro members only to purchase a PlayStation 5 or PC Graphics Card today at 10:00am CST on This won’t guarantee you’ll get one of these products – quantities are extremely limited – but we wanted to help provide our best guests with a better opportunity to score one of these high-demand items.”

The promotion is an unexpected offer for GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards membership, as the yearly subscription normally only offers the opportunity to earn points with purchases and monthly discount coupons.

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