Google makes moves to get more games onto Stadia

Google’s interesting attempts to get behind its gaming streaming service Stadia continue apace, with a newly announced change to how it shares revenue with developers and publishers.

The change will see Google give a greater share of the profits from games bought on its service to the creators of said games – 85 percent will go to them, while Google will keep 15 percent. The change will apply to games released from 1 October 2021, and is a pretty clear financial incentive.

It’ll last until the end of 2023 and apply to the first $3 million in sales for a given game, apparently, after which things will go back to the less-equitable normal.

On top of that, Google is also bringing in a system to share revenue for titles in its Stadia Pro lineup – those are the games you get as part of your Stadia Pro membership. Google is going to share 70 percent of that membership’s revenue with games according to how much they’re being played, which sounds relatively fair.

There are various other smaller changes coming to the revenue system as well, all of which were discussed as part of a keynote on Stadia at a Google summit surrounding its work in games. Whether they all come together to keep attracting bigger games to the platform will be an interesting one to watch.

After all, that 15 percent cut stands as one of the better revenue-shares a publisher can eye up, compared to more typical 30 percent slices taken by console publishers. Even the famously profligate Epic Games Store takes 12 percent, so not much less.

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