League of Legends patch 10.12 brings buffs to Akali and Senna

Mark Yetter, a Riot Games employee, revealed the balance targets for patch 10.12. There are some very interesting names, especially on the buff list which includes Akali and Senna among four other champions.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, also know as Riot Scruffy has revealed which champions are getting changed in the upcoming patch 10.12.

The list of champions that will receive nerfs this patch is as follows:

  • Varus
  • Yasuo
  • Cassiopeia (top and bot)
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Trundle

The Varus nerf comes as a big surprise considering that he isn’t doing too well at the moment with his win rate being below 50 per cent. Also, he didn’t fully benefit from the recent AD carry buffs as much as some other champions because of his build being focused more on lethality, rather than critical strike the Zeal items provide.

Cassiopeia getting nerfed for the bot and top lane position also feels a bit strange since it’s hard to imagine a change that won’t affect her primary role – mid lane.

Champions that will receive buffs this patch include:

  • Volibear
  • Akali
  • Senna (ADC)
  • Xayah
  • Brand (Mid)
  • Viktor

Since her release, the balance team has nerfed Senna a number of times now, mostly targeting her ADC power by changing the way her soul system works. Xayah getting buffed could mean that we’re slowly heading back to the Xayah-Kai’Sa meta which was dominating the bot lane last season.

For a very long time, Brand has been played almost exclusively in the support role and while this change might be intended for the mid lane, it surely won’t hurt his power down in the bot lane.

Viktor’s win rate is above 50 per cent and depending on the size of the buff, he could become the number one control mage in the mid lane, especially in pro play.

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