‘Monster Hunter Rise’ And The Switch Are Dominating The Japanese Charts

The recently released Monster Hunter Rise has managed to top the Japanese gaming charts for its third week running. However, this is nothing compared to the continued dominance of the Switch

With Monster Hunter Rise topping the Japanese charts this will with 194,327 sales, it has already managed to accrue 1,774,063 sales in Japan since its release on March 26.

What is especially striking about this week’s Japanese gaming charts is that the entirety of the top 20 games in the country are all on the Switch.

Let that sink in for a bit, a four-year-old hybrid console is selling more games for it than something like the PlayStation 5, which you’d think would have made some serious headway by now.

The tricky thing here is whether the PlayStation 5 is falling behind because of lack of supply, which is possible, or whether the Switch just offers more varied games. The fact that no other console has a game in this week’s Japanese chart does make me think it is more the latter than the former though.

Monster Hunter Rise is also entirely great and is definitely more a return to familiar form after Monster Hunter World. This is not to say that Monster Hunter World wasn’t popular, it very much was, but that Monster Hunter Rise is closer to classic Monster Hunter games in terms of its structure and how it plays.

It’s clear that Switch is now the dominant force in the Japanese gaming market, so it will be interesting to see how Sony tries to counter that in the months ahead.


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