New video of We Happy Few Explains ABCs of Happiness

We Happy Few has undergone several changes since it was first announced, even adding a neat story mode to this open world survival game. There are still a lot of questions in the head of the game, but the videos and the trailers that are released seem to be slowly going away.

We know we can choose from a variety of characters, such as archivist Arthur Hastings and chemist Sally Boyle, but there will be more ambiguity in that matter. Nevertheless, the last trailer that was released showed us a few new characters: Doctor V., “crazy” Ollie Starkey and a man known as General. The name of this trailer is ABC of Happiness.

It is obvious that Doctor V is the bad guy of the characters we see on the video because we see him as giving power to the player even for a moment. But the other two characters are likely to be playable, or they will be friendly characters even if they are not playable.

The video also give as some parts from the story, and we also see how some mechanics change. Once we understand that this fictional happiness drug is no longer working, we see more and more citizens remember the terrible things they have done in the past. They are looking for a more permanent solution as a remedy, including metal helmets and end solutions such as electrical lobotomy.

The production part of the game has been developed quite a bit, with the electro-hammer battery we saw there, made from nails, metal pipes and tapes. If we can make such creative weapons with the materials that we collect, then the game will be a different pleasure. Also available talent and duties seem to indicate the presence of role-playing elements in the game.

We Happy Few will be released on August 10 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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