Nintendo shuts down repair service due to coronavirus

If your Nintendo Switch is broken, it’ll be some time before it gets fixed. Nintendo has closed its repair center because of the coronavirus outbreak. Notice of the closure appeared on Nintendo’s support page Tuesday. The note doesn’t say when the repair center will reopen.

“Due to preventive measures put in place for the COVID-19 coronavirus, and in accordance with federal and local guidelines, our repair centers are closed until further notice,” the message says. “Once repair services resume, we will work as quickly as possible to get you playing again.”

Along with the notice, Nintendo did have some answers for those who already sent their item to be repaired. Those who already sent a unit to Nintendo will have them returned as undeliverable. If the repair center received the item, it will stay there until it reopens.

Customers who were able to send their products in for repair are advised to hold onto them. Repair orders will stay in the company’s system for 180 days and should be sent in when the center is up and running. If an item falls out of warranty during this closure, Nintendo says they will honor the warranty during this period of time the center is closed.

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