Red Dead Redemption 2’s Cheat Codes Published

If you want to use the cheat codes of RDR 2, which is one of the most excellent productions seen in the game world, you should be warned now: You cannot record in the game as soon as you activate any trick, you cannot win success or trophy. If they don’t care and want to have some fun, you can enter the following cheats in the Options> Cheats tab.

Cheat Codes:

  • Abundance is the dullest desire (Unlimited ammunition)
  • You Long for Sight but See Nothing (Removes Fog)
  • You flourish before you die (Last level health, endurance )
  • Better than my dog (You can call your horse from anywhere)
  • Run! Run! Run! (Give the race horse)
  • Virtue Unearned is not virtue (Increases the Honor rating)
  • You Seek More Than The World Offers (Fills and strengthens all of your bars)
  • You are a beast built for war (Creates a warhorse)
  • Greed is American Virtue (Heavy Weapons)
  • A simple life, a beautiful death (Basic weapons)
  • Death is silence (Noiseless, privacy weapons)
  • Vanity. All is vanity (All clothes)
  • The lucky be strong evermore (Unlimited endurance)
  • You want punishment (Increases your wanted level)
  • You want freedom (Reduces your wanted level)

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