Sony Working On A New PlayStation Console Alongside PlayStation 5

The highly anticipated next-generation gaming console from Sony might be joined by another Sony PlayStation console according to the latest report. While the Japanese gaming console giant is yet to unveil the PlayStation 5, it appears that they are also developing another new PlayStation console. If the latest claim is accurate, then gamers might see a couple of devices from Sony in the coming years.

SegmentNext recently reported that Sony filed a very interesting patent in August. The patent application was filed for a cloud gaming system last August 29 at the United States Patent Office. The application notes that methods and systems are offered for cloud gaming. One of the systems comes with a plurality of computing resources in one more data centers.

The patent application also explains that the range of computing resources was developed to provide instances of games for remote client devices from one or more data centers. Every instance for each executable game is linked with a processor, a memory, and a graphics processing unit. Sony also clarifies in its patent application is utilized for saving video frames produced for the executable game.

Moreover, it explains in the patent application that the video frames are compacted for the purpose of streaming video game to one or more client devices. The executable title is linked with input channels, audio, and video to control the operation’s inactivity during the video game streaming. Further, the cloud gaming system enforces one channel driver to assist I/O processing for the client devices when executed by the computing resources of the data centers.

It is crucial to note that big tech companies like Sony usually file patents. The question is if these patents will be developed and released sooner or it is just a concept that the company is simply considering at this time. The latest patent application sighting surfaced after a series of speculations claiming that Sony was reworking the streaming service of PlayStation Now.

In August, it was claimed that the revamped PlayStation Now service will receive a massive push with the launch of the PlayStation 5. Google is preparing to launch the Google Stadia streaming console while Microsoft is rumored to be working on its xCloud games streaming service. For now, take this information with a barrel of salt and with great skepticism.

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