The Last Of Us 2: release date could be in February

The Last Of Us 2 is on the way, despite the fact that the original game’s ending left some to speculate that the developers had said all there was to say about the adventure of Ellie and Joel.

A sequel is very much in development, though, and there are a fair few details doing the rounds. There’s a triumvirate of trailers, for example, and a few interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits.

Compiling all of that and more, here’s everything we’ve gleaned for so far about The Last Of Us 2

The Last Of Us 2 release date: is it February?

The Last Of Us 2 doesn’t have a confirmed release date as of yet, but since the game has been talked about since 2016, fans will be hoping that it’s coming pretty soon.

Recently, during a YouTube interview on the Critical Role channel, Ellie actress Ashley Johnson said this about The Last Of Us 2: “I think it’s coming out in Fe…”

Johnson was then interrupted, and she didn’t finish her sentence, but the implication seems to be that the game could be coming out in February 2020. We’ll let you know if that, or any other date, is confirmed.

The Last Of Us 2 trailer: there are three of them

So far, we’ve seen three trailers for The Last Of Us Part II (to give this game its full title). Back in 2016, Naughty Dog announced the existence of the game with the following reveal trailer…

Then, in 2017, this teaser trailer was shared to assure fans that game is still on the way…

Following that, at E3 2018, The Last Of Us 2 gameplay footage was shown off with this trailer…

The Last Of Us 2 story: Ellie is the lead this time

At PSX 2016, Naughty Dog director and writer Neil Druckmann (who will direct The Last Of Us 2) shared the first few story details for the game, including what the focus will be in the sequel.

Druckmann revealed that Ellie is the star of this instalment and that the game takes place several years after the original. Ellie is 19-years-old in The Last of Us Part II.

Druckmann talked a bit about the tone and direction of the sequel’s story, saying that while the original was a story about love, “[Part 2] is about hate.” He also confirmed that this game will exclusively continue the story of Ellie and Joel instead of jumping to other characters.

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