The Witcher 3 mod slaps Henry Cavill’s face on Geralt of Rivia

This The Witcher 3 mod swaps game Geralt with Netflix Geralt, also known as Henry Cavill, and it’s not a half bad likeness (via IGN).

Modder Adnan4444 has even made it so the hair physics works with the new look, and when downing potions to grant an edge in combat, Cavill of Rivia will match with the toxicity makeup from the Netflix show. The modder has intentions to integrate Cavill variants in future, promising, ‘scars, dirt, brown hair with blue eyes etc, but first of all, now I’m presenting a look closer to Geralt in Netflix show.’

The White Wolf’s in-game voice actor, Doug Cockle, learned of the re-casting and was playfully peeved. ‘How dare they mod out my perfectly facial captured image of Game Geralt,’ he told IGN, ‘Leave Geralt alone guys… he’s fine as he is…but I giggled a bit.’ Rich Walker isn’t a fan of the modded look, but I think it’s not bad, although slightly uncanny valley.

Netflix’s The Witcher won’t riff off the games, but maybe we’ll get a reference to Roach’s powers of teleportation, or, the iconic funeral flirtation scene. Watch the trailer for the TV show below.

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