VALORANT Patch 2.03 brings first set of balance changes to Yoru

Before the release of VALORANT Patch 2.03, Riot Games published notes on the patch going over the first balance changes for newest agent Yoru since his addition to the game’s roster. The patch also includes other balance changes for agents, quality of life adjustments, and a new game mode. Yoru isn’t the only agent receiving adjustments on this patch — Reyna, Phoenix, and Brimstone are all receiving one ability adjustment on 2.03 as well.

Three weapons are also on the docket for Patch 2.03. The popular Stinger is receiving adjustments for both its burst firing rate and fully automatic firing rate. The Marshal is receiving a series of buffs, most prominently in the form of a movement speed buff when zoomed to optimize its identity as a run-and-gun-style long range weapon. The Frenzy has taken over pistol rounds as of late, so its power level is being taken down a tad to balance it out with the other pistol round options.

Patch 2.03 will also introduce a new game mode to VALORANT called Escalation. Escalation is a quick (approx. 7–9 min.) and fast-paced 5v5 game mode where you must race through progressively less lethal loadouts with your team. The loadout gamut varies from match to match, but always features a mix of both weapons and abilities. The same list of loadouts is always used by both teams throughout the match.

Other minor changes in VALORANT Patch 2.03 include minor quality of life fixes, including competitive updates that publish those who leave in the middle of a game or step away from their keyboard similar to what Riot Games implemented on the last League of Legends patch.

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