Valorant Patch 3.01 Release Date: When is it?

Valorant has just released its most radical update to the game with Episode 3 with various adjustments to Agents and weapons in the game. Those who are wondering when Patch 3.01 is will have to wait for a bit as there are no news at the moment for a slated release date.

The Episode 3 Patch had the inclusion of a new Agent, KAY/O, various changes to other Agents and the monumental fix of the “run-and-gun” style of gameplay. Various nerfs to weapons like the Judge and Spectre made both of the weapon’s credit price increase significantly due to how good the guns were with low economy.

Moving inaccuracy has also drastically changed from this patch as most guns have larger inaccurate values when moving and shooting the weapon, which helps preserve Valorant’s promise on delivering “precise gunplay.”

There is no news from Riot Games as to when Patch 3.01 will come out, as they don’t have a public time schedule released like League of Legends does. However, it’s likely that developers will release Patch 3.01 in around two weeks time, as they usually have with other patches and in their other game.

That said, developers have also kept fairly quiet for this upcoming patch, and there are no further reveals on what will be updated for the game when it is.

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