4Ocean: a community that saves the ocean

1 million pounds of plastic – is just the beginning.

The environmental initiative of 4Ocean exists a little more than a year. Over this time, it has united several thousand like-minded people around the world, wishing to save the ocean and its inhabitants from plastic.

The history of the project began on the island of Bali, where two surfers from Florida arrived – Alex Schultz and Andrew Cooper. They were impressed by the amount of plastic in water and the fact that the locals did not clean it. While fishing remained a common trade on the island, fishermen did not collect it because no one paid for such labor – the demand for seafood was more interesting than environmental problems.

Alex Schultz and Andrew Cooper
Alex Schultz and Andrew Cooper

To change the situation, Alex and Andrew created 4Ocean bracelets from recycled materials. The purchase of one allows you to remove about 0.450 kg of garbage from the ocean. With the help of this fundraising for financial support of the project, in less than 2 years, like-minded people removed over 370 tons of garbage from the ocean and coastlines.

Now the 4Ocean team operates in several countries and consists of more than 150 people around the world. A few thousand more are sponsors and volunteers of the project who regularly participate in large-scale marine works.

The team also conducts active enlightening work, so that as many people as possible are aware of the consequences of pollution of the ocean. To this end, every month is dedicated to help those who are particularly affected by plastic. So, for example, in March the bracelets were made of coral to emphasize the need to preserve the reefs, May was the month for rescuing the dolphins and whales and the bracelets were blue, and in June lime-colored – for sea turtles. Resently the have started to sell 750mL reusable water bottles and a ‘cleanup kit’, which consists of a bag, blue 100% cotton T-Shirt, reusable bottle, gloves with 13-gauge nylon liner and nitrile palm coating and snapback hat.

4Ocean Cleanup Kit
4Ocean Cleanup Kit

These days the team celebrate a great achievement – they have collect 1 million pounds of plastic.
You can also support the initiative and buy a bracelet on the project site 4ocean.com.

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