5 countries that shaped the world culture

Five countries that culturally affect the world.

The global influence of countries is usually measured by their military, political or economic powers. But some countries have left their marks with cultures, food, fashion and entertainment worlds.

In a US study (US News & World Report), a list of countries that had the greatest impact on the world was taken into account, taking into account such factors as prestige, happiness, modernity, fashionability in every sense, and important place in entertainment.

While most of the countries in the Top 10 are located in Europe, Japan (top in modernity and prestige), Brazil (happiness and entertainment culture) and USA (modern and culturally influential)

Here are the top five countries;



Famous brands such as Valentino, Armani, Versace and Gucci have received full marks in terms of ‘fashion suitability’ and ‘upmarket’.

It is known that Italians pay attention to their appearance. But the attention to detail is not only in the fashion field, but also in many areas, from food to furniture.



It is advisable to go to Rome to fully experience the Italian influence in the meal. As it is very common here, it is possible to find both traditional cuisine and modern food varieties.



The cultural influence of France, which has a high score in terms of ‘modernity’, ‘prestige’ and ‘follow-up fashion’, is also felt around the world.

For example, Roobens Fils, who lives in Paris and writes about his travels on the blog Been Around the Globe, says: “Even people far away enjoy and are inspired by French cuisine, art and fashion. I was very surprised to meet people, so they know Moliere in Iran! “

While Paris is the best place to experience French culture at first hand, Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse are also seen as very good and smaller alternative cities.



Bordeaux is famous for good wines. It is also a city with many historic buildings outside Paris. Lyon, France’s third most populous city, is known for its traditional French cuisine and three-star Michelin restaurants.

With over 2000 years of history, the city of Toulouse in the south is famous for its terakota architecture.

The French are proud of their identity and language as a nation. Most French do not prefer to speak English or any other foreign language in their home country, as they know it. “Someone who comes to life in France has to adapt to it, because the French do not try to fit in with you,” says Fils.



The US scored high on the categories of ‘modernity’ and ‘being influential in entertainment’. American movies, music, television shows are watched worldwide.

The technological sector of the country has entered the lives of billions of people with companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Amazon.

This American identity is based on the American Dream, which is based on the possibility of everything.

New York City, the largest city in the country and known as “the city that never sleeps” is the city that best expresses American values. Frank Sinatra once said, “If I succeed there, I will succeed everywhere”.



In Los Angeles, on the other side of the country, Hollywood is shaping the world’s entertainment as well as the United States, as well as the culture of the whole world.

However, with variable geography and population of 300 million between these two coasts, USA has different ethnicity and cultures. The cities have different souls. Miami is not like Chicago, for example.




Spain, which was once one of the world’s greatest empires, left a lasting imprint on South Asia from South America to many regions. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinen.

“Everywhere I go, I find many things, from Spanish to religion, from cuisine to festivals, it belongs to the party,” says Inma Gregorio of Galicia, who writes travel blogs on the A World to Travel site.


The tapas culture of Spain, which is important for food, has spread to the world. It is also seen as a means of socializing and sharing food.

Most people say that in Spain, people are trying to live and have a comfortable attitude towards life.




The English language is known for its influence and prevalence, as well as the flexibility of borrowing from other languages. A large number of people come from outside to create a new life in this country.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the British do not always mean what they say. To know exactly what you want to say, you need to know the nuances on the back and watch your body language.


There are a lot of people from other countries to work in London, one of the important financial and business centers of the world. With the abundance of museums, theaters and concert halls, it is possible to follow the culture world very closely and find something to do all the time.

It is also not the only choice as a London cultural center. While Edinburgh is hosting the world’s largest arts festival, Birmingham is on the way to an important place in the cultural world.


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