5 habits that are mistakenly considered harmful

Do not blame yourself for them!

To eat chocolate and drink coffee   

Natural coffee and bitter, and dark chocolate – are useful. They have many antioxidants, they are useful for the nervous system and help not to get depressed. A certain mite noble drinks have also contributed to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

To crackle with knuckles

Scientists from Philadelphia argued that actually crunching knuckles is even useful, as the joints from this become more flexible and mobile. Similar conclusions were reached by specialists from the University of Alberta in Canada who studied in detail what is happening in the joints during the crunch.

Sitting in social networks

According to the staff of the American Pew Research Center, regular users of social networks are not subject to great stress, on the contrary, they have lower levels of stress compared to those who do not use social networks at all. They have more friends, they trust people more and are more active at work.

To gossip

People are generally prone to value judgments – the professor of evolutionary anthropology from Oxford Robin notes that this is some kind of push for the subsequent evolution of the human brain.

To gnaw nails

25-30% of the world’s population gnaw their nails, and start to do it from 4-6 years. It is interesting that dogs, cats, monkeys and even birds also bite their front paws, grabbing a piece of nail. This fact led the researchers to assume that the habit went to man in the process of evolution.

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