5 places you can’t travel, no matter how much you want

Area 51, USA

One of the most talked about areas of the world, but the most rumored to be located in Area 51. America’s state of Nevada 51 is located in the middle of the desert. There are many mysterious claims about the US secret base. The most popular one is that the United States is communicating with aliens in this region. In 1947, this region allegedly fell into a UFO. While there are a lot of critical researches on aliens in the region, rumors that UFO has developed different technologies spread around the world.

When you look at Area 51 from a distance, hangar and airfields are seen, this view leads to the claim that there are various complexes in the ground. There is also a warning that only a certain officer can enter this base if someone approaches from outside.


Varosha, Cyprus

It’s a world of great curiosity. Varosha, was once home to many tourists as an important tourist destination. It is known that Hollywood stars visited the region. The tourism sector has improved in Varosha in 1960 and the number of existing hotels is very high.

In the 70s, Varosha experienced the brightest periods of 10 thousand people. On 13 August 1974, the Turkish Armed Forces captured the region as a result of the Cyprus Operation. Since 14 August, Marash has been closed to the civilian population. In the area under the control of the TAF, many structures were looted and the ruins still existed.


Lascaux Cave

Lascaux Cave is housed in the oldest art works known by cave paintings. In the 1940s, these pictures were discovered by the children from nearby villages entering the game-intended cave. It was found that there were approximately 20,000 years of cave paintings in the interior, usually animal figures were featured in these pictures.

After the necessary archaeological research, Lascaux Cave was opened to the public in 1948, but unfortunately it was determined that the historical region could not handle the circulation of visitors. In 1963, the cave was closed to visitors. For those who wondered, the similar Lascaux cave was built in a nearby region in 1983.


North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is another point you can’t visit, no matter how much you want. North Sentinel Island is located in the Indian Ocean. On the island of India, the Sentinel tribe and Indian people live. The people of the island are completely isolated from the world and refuse to communicate with people from outside! All vehicles and people who are attacking the island with arrows are completely disconnected from the outside world.

British and Indian anthropologists have tried to communicate for many years, but the aggressive stance of the local people is unfortunately preventing the work. North Sentinel Island has been declared a closed zone for the peace of the Sentinel tribe as well as for the safety of visitors.

Svalbard Global Seed Depot

The Svalbard Global Seed Depot was established in Norway in case of a possible catastrophe. In the warehouse, the seeds of all the plants in the world are preserved. The warehouse was built in a way that is resistant to many events, from adverse weather conditions to nuclear attacks.

The warehouse, which aims to preserve and increase species diversity, is located very close to the poles of Norway. For security reasons, no one can enter the warehouse except the officers.

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