6 incredible things that will happen when you give up sugar

Your skin will become cleaner, and the weight will decrease without constant consumption of sugar, you already know. But what about sexual life, sleep and work? How will the absence of sugar affect these areas of life?

Disadvantage: you will not be so happy
Glucose is the main source of energy and is necessary for the brain work. In addition, it affects the production of serotonin – the famous “hormone of happiness”. But getting glucose by consuming refined sugar is not a very smart idea, since it greatly increases the caloric content of the diet. As a source of glucose, choose fruits, vegetables or cereals, where the glucose molecules are mainly in a related form and, therefore, getting into the body, are broken up and assimilated gradually, without causing sharp jumps of insulin in the blood.

Advantage: your memory becomes better
The American Journal of Psychology has recently linked the use of sugar to impaired brain function. It turned out that an excessive amount of glucose harms memory because it destroys the connections between the brain cells. But it should be noticed that tests were conducted on animals.

Disadvantage: you may have a headache
Nutritionists, whose patients refused sugar, watched how they began to have headaches, mood swings and a constant sense of anxiety. It’s understandable – sugar is like drugs, and if you get clean, you experience withdrawal pains.

Advantage: you will not want to sleep in a day time
Oily and sweet food, eaten during lunch, makes us more sluggish and slower, so if you do not have a place to lie down, then maybe you should choose something different for lunch. By the way, night snacks with sugar also end badly: desserts can activate the stress hormone, and when it is active – you obviously are not up to sleep.

Advantage: sex will be better
Didn’t you know that high sugar food kills desire?? If to generalize, then sweet causes a jump in insulin in the blood, and it stops the production of testosterone. On female hormones desserts are also able to influence, with overeating you can even bring down the monthlies and get a rash on the skin. And sex itself is very useful for your skin, but you definitely know it.

Advantage: there will be no early wrinkles
Leiden University in the Netherlands studied the skin of 50- and 70-year-old people with different levels of glucose in the blood. It turned out that those who constantly consume sugar look worse. Doctors attribute this to the fact that sweets seriously undermine the activity of elastin and collagen to restore the body.


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