Abrasive Chef Gordon Ramsay ‘Toasted’ by Netizens for His Butter Chicken

Known for his caustic remarks and sarcastic evaluation of dishes made by others, it was now his turn to be served a throw-back over a dish from his restaurant – a post of which he shared on social media. One online comment compared the Indian flatbread accompanying his dish to Churchill’s toilet paper.

The international celebrity chef and noted judge of several cooking reality shows on television, Gordon Ramsay tweeted a photo with comments on his experience of enjoying butter chicken at Heathrow airport before boarding a flight, little knowing that the Twitterati would explode in response to his post.

The dish on the photo was prepared at his restaurant. Tweets tore into his dish with entertaining sarcastic comments.

The rebukes came on a range of aspects: the portion size, presentation, adherence to authenticity, the main dish accompaniment etc. Talking about the Indian flatbread “roti” accompanying the dish, a user with the handle @SundeepBallagan said that it was unusually “pale”.

Agreeing with @SundeepBallagan, a user commented that Ramsey, who “serves criticism” to others, should have seen it coming back to him.

Commenting on the portion size, a Twitter user exclaimed: “What is this? A center for ANTS?”

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