Adele says her new album is not finished as she makes hosting debut on SNL

Adele gave an update about her upcoming album as she made her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live.

In her opening monologue, the singer explained why she was featured as the programme’s host, as opposed to its musical guest – a role assumed by HER.

She provided two reasons, stating: “My album’s not finished, and I’m also too scared to be both.

“I’d rather put on some wigs …have a glass of wine or six and just see what happens.”

Adele was previously featured as SNL’s musical guest in 2008 and 2015. Looking back on her 2008 appearance, she credited it with launching her career in the United States.

Five years have elapsed since Adele released her third studio album, 25. The singer’s debut album, 19, came out in 2008. It was followed by 21 in 2011.

In her opening monologue, Adele also poked fun at her own swearing habits, with a little help from SNL star Kenan Thompson, who was seen managing the comically large swear jar that was supposedly meant to keep Adele in check during the live show.

While she was not the evening’s musical guest, Adele did sing during the programme, launching into “Someone Like You”, “When We Were Young”, “Hello”, and “Rumour Has It” in a Bachelor-themed skit.

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