Ariana Grande Turns Herself Into Scientist and Sex Doll in New Video

The Grammy laureate likes to take on different roles in her music videos. Last month, the 27-year-old tried her hand at politics, becoming the first female president of the United States in the video to her song “Positions”.

Singer Ariana Grande has turned herself into a mad scientist and a sex robot in her newly-released video for the song “34+35”. The action takes place in a laboratory where Grande and her fellow scientists rack their brains over how to animate the robotic version of Ariana Grande. At some point Ariana has a eureka moment and rushes to the control panel. It seems that her guess was right, the robot starts moving, but a few second later it starts shaking and becomes motionless.

After reparing her creation Ariana attempts to animate the robot again. She presses the button and the android comes to life. But success comes at a high price…The robot somehow learned magic. It then casts a spell and turns the scientists into sex dolls dressed in negligees.

Stunned by such a metamorphosis the poor scientists have nothing left to do but dance.

As for the song and its lyrics, they sort of make Madonna and Britney Spears look like Catholic nuns. Gone are the days when pop songs were filled with innuendos, now singers explicitly talk about their desires.

“Can you stay up all night? F**k me ’til the daylight. Thirty-four, thirty-five [a reference to a sexual position]”, reads the chorus.

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