As the socialist movement in America rises, Jim Carrey: We must say yes to socialism

Actor Jim Carrey, one of the master actors of Holywood Cinema, said in a television show in the United States, “we should say yes to Socialism “.

Carrey was a guest at the HBO (Home Box Office) television channel in the United States, the “Real Time” chat program with the political satirical style ‘ Bill Maher ‘.

The program’s presenter, Bill Mahler, reminded the famous actor of the Republican Party’s criticism of the Democrats targeting politicians who have identified themselves as socialists.

Jim Carrey said, “We have to say yes to socialism, word and everything. We have to stop apologizing, “he said.

On November 6, Democratic Party candidates who will run for the US Congress in the interim election, Republicans have begun to propagate that the politicians want to turn the United States into Venezuela, as socialist candidates who have won the preliminary election process stand out in public.

Jim Carrey, on the other hand, also came up with criticism of the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia for their attacks in Yemen, aimed at civilians.

At the same time, Carrey, the painter, shared his political caricature drawings with the Twitter account, “40 innocent children were killed on a bus in Yemen. Our ally, our missile, has sharply criticised the United States using the statements of our fault.

57% of Democrats have positive views on socialism

On the other hand, the results of a research conducted by the international research company Gallup last August revealed that only 47 percent of the Democratic Parties in the US had a positive view of capitalism. Again according to this research, 57 percent of these party members are socializing.

The rise of American Democratic Socialists

In 2015, the number of members of the American Democratic Socialists ‘ organisation, which is five thousand, is now approaching 45 thousand, and is seen as one of the signs of the remarkable rise of socialists in American politics in American media.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the leading figures of this organization, had won the pre-election of the Democratic Party’s House of Representatives in New York, in a surprising way.


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