Everyone has a past, and a 26-year-old British Army soldier is no exception: her old racy photoshoots have become a shocking revelation for colleagues and chiefs.

British Army soldier Briony Murray landed in hot water after hundreds of X-rated photos and videos of her resurfaced on x-rated websites.

Even though the raunchy photoshoots were done before she joined the British Army, the fact that they are still online has resulted in her being questioned by top brass.

The 26-year-old will, however, face no further action, because she is a “good soldier”, UK tabloids reported.

“The Army hires all sorts. But everyone has been absolutely stunned by news of Briony’s background. She’s not been with us long. However, she’s already proved she’s full of surprises. Some might say it’s a shame she’s turned her back on her previous job. But she’s got a long career ahead of her in the Armed Forces”, one source told The Sun.


In some photos, she’s pictures wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform, while in others she’s donning a revealing nightdress, stockings and underwear.

One of her online profiles, where she is listed as Briony M, reportedly says she began nude modelling in 2013.

“Everyone comes with a history. She’s a good soldier and that’s what matters”, The Sun cited a senior Army source as saying.

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