Buyers Making Offers as Active Volcano in Iceland Is for Sale

The volcano erupted in Iceland on 19 March some 40 km from the capital Reykjavik, with authorities issuing a flight warning above the area and closing the main road connecting the capital region with Keflavik Airport.

A volcano has been erupting in Fagradalsfjall, on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula west of the capital Reykjavik. It is situated on private land, owned by an association of twenty people, who are offering parcels for sale, Iceland media reported.

The group has already gotten several offers and inquiries from real estate brokers according to Sigurður Guðjón Gíslason, the association chairman, who said that at the present time “this should be the hottest land in the country”.

The volcanic eruption in the region started in March and in recent weeks entered a more volatile phase, with lava fountains erupting 400-500 metres in the air.

The region is an attraction for tourists and picnickers, but since the eruption began, commercial interest in the land has surged, Gíslason said.

In recent weeks, approximately 75,000 people have visited the site.

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