Craig Revel Horwood admits he asks potential partners to sign NDA before sex

Craig Revel Horwood has revealed he makes potential partners sign a non-disclosure agreement before they have sex.

‘How many times has someone in the public eye been done over with a kiss and tell?’ said Craig, ‘so I think it’s really important to get that out the way first’.

‘Let me put it this way, you have a builder coming round the home, and entering your personal space, taking pictures – everyone now has an iPhone or something – work people people who work for me, and people I date,’ he revealed.

But when asked by Piers Morgan when he reveals the documents, Craig admitted it was before sex.

‘Is it not a passion killer? You’re like, “okay we’re going to have sex but before we do it… here’s the contract, I want you to sign this now and then we can carry on”?’ asked Piers.

‘Yes,’ said Craig laughing – which Piers thought was ‘fantastic’.

Craig is now dating Jonathan Myring, who’s 22 years his junior, and he previously revealed he would be keen to settle down with his partner.

He went on to reveal that he had also made Jonathan sign a contract but that Joanthan also made Craig sign one ‘on a napkin to make light of it’.

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