Do traveling brings us more happiness than family?

Ask yourself – what would you prefer: to spend a day with your spouse and children in the park or go alone to the country of your dreams?

Close your eyes and imagine your spouse and children. Even if you do not have them, just draw them in the imagination. And now answer the question, what would you prefer – to spend a day with them in the park or go alone to the country of your dreams? If the second, then, most likely, you belong to the generation born in the time interval from 1980 to 2000 – millenials, most of which are alien to traditional values. Happiness and the meaning of life for them are in travel. Millenials and the following generations do not want to settle down to married life in a house with a white hedge. They are more likely to prefer a ticket to a far corner of the world.

Booking conducted a study in which 17 thousand people from 17 countries took part. 49% of respondents said that traveling for them has more emotional value than wedding day, and 51% said that it is better than meeting a loved one. Those emotions that causes a trip to new places, were for 70% more valuable than anything tangible. The latter, however, was proved earlier – in 2014, psychologists determined that the purchases that give experience to a person – for example, tickets to another country or the payment of a certain master class – are more important than those that bear only material value, as, for example, a car.

Modern youth is ready to spend money on travel – according to a study by The GfK Institute, only in the UK millenials spend $ 196 trillion on travel, and consider such spending preferable to buying a house. And the market helps them in this, there are more and more kinds of offers: cheap tours, accommodation in apartments (Airbnb offers, for example), affordable airplane tickets.

“Motivation plays a big role in the definition of goals, it is responsible for what eventually becomes important and what does not.” Marriage and children assume long-term costs, the scale of which the millenials are aware of and which they do not want. “They roughly know how much the bringind up a child costs, compare this with the cost of travel and, of course, choose the second, which, moreover, will bring more happiness in the short term than children. They need to receive instant pleasure. In our society of consumption, if they can not get right away, it loses its appeal,” says Metro Luisa Pardo, a psychologist from Fundación Areandina.
The world has changed and priorities of people have changed also.

In addition, today women know that they can give birth in 40, so they calmly postpone this decision. “New generations now have different ideas about life, contrary to the ideas of previous generations, who aspired to start a family as soon as possible and achieve emotional and economic stability,” the expert adds.

So what is the journey – escape from reality or it is a way to get a unique experience? According to the psychologist, both options are correct.

“Many people have been in debt for many years, but they do it for the sake of unforgettable impressions.” Others travel to escape emotions and decision-making, and there become more and more such people, who sits in social networks and uses every opportunity to take a walk with friends. Just not to face with their problems, “- says Luisa Pardo.

The truth is that young people want to build their lives differently. And many do it with the help of what they know best – through traveling.

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