Dreams Come True: how to eat chocolate and lose weight

Chocolate is useful, but because of it you should not give up a balanced diet.

Cocoa beans contain a huge amount of useful substances – flavonoids, which are found only in plant products. Therefore, sweet tooth can be pampered with your favorite treat even during a diet. The main thing is to know the measure.

“General advice – it is worth remembering that in small quantities chocolate has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, it is useful for the nervous system, promotes the production of the pleasure hormone, and also contains magnesium”, told the doctor-dietitian and the candidate of medical Sciences Elena Solomatina.

If you mix cocoa with yogurt, you get a real chocolate dessert, which will be much more useful than mousse from the store. Another option is to make homemade ice cream. There is much fewer calories, sugar and fat than in the usual one. You can also diversify your diet with ready-made chocolate – it’s best to give preference to bitter one. But be careful: one bar is about 540 calories. Dietitians advise affording not more than 30 grams of such chocolate per day.

“Chocolate should be glossy, break off with sound, pleasantly dissolve in the mouth without fatty taste and lumps. Another tip – when you open the chocolate, see if there is a gray film on it – if there is, then it melted, and then was frozen again, that is, the storage conditions were violated. Because of this, oxidation begins in chocolate, which is not very useful”, the doctor added.

Being on a diet does not mean eating tasteless food. If you cook yourself, you can pamper yourself with any dishes. And one more advice from a nutritionist: chocolate should be eaten, stretching pleasure – let it melt in your mouth, and do not swallow immediately. And if you count calories that you consume, weight loss will not keep you waiting.

“Choosing chocolate is better on a simple principle – the more cocoa in it, the better. It is bitter, dark chocolate, in which there is less sugar, no additives and flavors. Often, cocoa butter or palm oil is added to the chocolate. It is better to try to avoid these ingredients. In the case of palm oil, we are supplied with a non-pure product – the liquid fraction is removed and the product is transported in solid form. And such oil is not very useful”, concluded Elena Solomatina.

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